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Taking the risk out of moving your data. 

There are options.

When you travel you take out insurance to replace lost items. Unfortunately you can't do the same with your data. Once it is lost or corrupted, options for retrieval are costly, limited and mostly unsuccessful. We address the risk and time components of your transformation journey so you can realise the benefits of the outcome.
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Data Readiness

Customers can migrate, copy, replicate, restore, and failover File and Object data between heterogeneous NAS, File-system, and Object storage on-premises, remote, or in the Cloud. 

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Public, private or hybrid cloud – it’s your choice. Whatever datacenter permutation meets your needs, we will help you get there, with applications migrated — to and protected — across clouds, easily and effectively. Choose from over 350 cloud service providers for DRaaS, or public clouds like AWS and Microsoft Azure. With our partner's Checkpoint and Telstra our managed security service can finally protect your data while it is in transit and at rest.

Sustained Performance

Our Hybrid Cloud solution helps organizations understand the true total cost of using cloud, control cloud spend and align cloud spend and performance with the business. With our Hybrid Cloud solution, all cloud spend is in one place to help the CIO, IT Finance, Infrastructure and the Business understand and control cloud spend. Private cloud and public cloud costs are managed in one central system with the ability to transparently charge hybrid cloud costs back to the business. 

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Our cloud and data readiness solutions are delivered by vendors who are leaders. Too often new solutions are purchased without the true cost or risk of migration being evaluated and considered. We solve this problem for you and proactively reduce any unforeseen issues. We ensure your data and applications can reside at multiple sites and be simply managed, secured and measured.

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