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Enterprise Support Solutions

Customisation is key.

Critical operations support requires more than just engineers and spare parts. Typical support models have involved spare parts, engineers and price wars. This is great for quick balance sheet wins but does little to improve your organisations competitiveness and long term bottom line gains. Customise your support to realise true cost optimisation and turn support into a competitive advantage using AI.

Support Services

Cost Optimisation
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Cost Optimisation

IT lifecycles inevitably extend past projected service dates. Reducing support costs can be a low impact exercise that yields immediate and sustained financial 

returns. Our ongoing support modelling delivers savings and provides time for you to assess your transformation objectives effectively. 

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Flexibility and Agility

A truly customised support environment provides 

sustained returns beyond the balance sheet. The ability to make pressure free decisions around cloud migration, storage upgrades and vendor replacements can be crucial to the ongoing viability of your organisation. The flexibility that Shaffier provides with support models gives you the agility to make the right decisions.

Proactive and Predictive

Shaffier leverages the power of cognitive computing and AI to provide next level support for critical environments and cost optimisation. When you have mission critical support requirements you need to use the best possible solutions.

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Shaffier can provide support and maintenance solutions for over 30,000 types of devices across 180 countries using global best practice. Using cognitive computing and AI, analytics are used to prevent problems before they happen. When you streamline your IT maintenance support for hardware, software and your multiple vendor relationships with a single point of contact, you enhance equipment return on investment, reduce IT support costs, enable predictable budgeting and turn your support into a competitive advantage.

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